Trailing Entry Expert

This is a simple expert advisor from one of our requests. There are no indicator inputs, trades are entered based on trailing the entry price from the current price.

In the same way that you would use a trailing stop to move the closing price for a trade as market price changes this expert will trail the entry price.

The example here uses a fixed take profit as exit from the trade.

If you have a suggestion or request for a future tutorial you can leave details in our Topic Requests forum or vote for existing requests. Make sure the requests are clear and if you refer to a strategy somewhere leave a link to the strategy

The code is available on GitHub:

4 thoughts on “Trailing Entry Expert”

  1. The expert already exits when the opposite trailing entry is hit. A trailing stop would be redundant.

  2. Great Expert.
    However wondering if you can show how to include a trailing stop loss to this expert

  3. Hi,
    I tired to add another condition to BUY entry here (as you suggested in YT comment):

    line127 if ( mBuyPrice > 0 && mBuyTicket == 0 &&
    ask >= mBuyPrice && condition )

    but it doesn’t work.
    Any hint please ?

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