Range Breakout Expert for MQL4 and MQL5
This is the fifth part in a series on writing your own experts and this time I have done away with technical indicators in favour of a simple time based range breakout strategy.
Know when the market is open in MT4 and MT5
Next in a series on writing a complete expert advisor for MT4 and MT5 this will address a common problem of detecting if the market is currently open or closed before trying to place a trade.
MQL OnChartEvent Explained
An explanation of how to use OnChartEvent with examples, including some events that normally do not fire and custom events.
Set your own MQL trade numbers
There are times when you may want to track a trade through various events. The obvious example is finding the remaining trade after a partial close but you may also need to track a pending order through to the position after execution.
Equity Limit Basket Trading
From requests over a long time this expert will track your account equity and close all trades and orders when a specified target profit or loss limit is reached.