Aroon Indicator MT4 and MT5
The Aroon indicator seeks to identify the strength of trend, both up and down, by the ratio of distance from the current candle to the most recent highest high or lowest low within a defined range of number of candles.
Bollinger Bounce Code for MT4
This video shows the code for the Bollinger Bounce strategy. The actual tests were run using MT5 but this is the same code for MT4.
Bollinger Bounce Strategy
This strategy is described by Learn To Trade. There is a link to their explanation of the strategy further in the description.
YMS Scalper Test
This test was requested on Discord by one of our subscribers to run tests on the YMS Scalper. The test didn't exactly go as planned but eventually we did complete a test of the YMS scalper and learned a little on the way.
Retracement Breakout Strategy – MT4 and MT5
This is a further extension to an earlier video about a time range breakout and shows how to adapt the original breakout to wait for a retracement and second breakout as confirmation.