Zone Recovery Calculator


As you enter or change values in the parameters the table below will show the results for up to 20 trades.

Values to enter:

Target Pips: Number of pips to close all trades and take profit

Zone Pips: Number of pips between top and bottom levels of the recovery zone

Initial Lot Size: Size of the first trade taken in the position

Lot Step: Smallest increment of lot sizes (defined by your broker)

Spread+Commission: Optional amount to add to allow for additional costs or to force a small profit on trading


Trade: Number of the trade in the sequence, the initial trade is trade #1

Trade Lots: Number of lots in this trade. The direction depends on the initial trade. Odd numbered trades are in the same direction and even numbered trades are opposite to the first trade

Positive Lots: After entering this trade how many total lots are open in the same direction as this trade

Negative Lots: After entering this trade how many total lots are open in the opposite direction to this trade

Exposure Lots: Difference between positive lots and negative lots. This will determine your margin based on your broker margin requirements.

Equity Loss: At the point of entering this trade this is the total unrealised loss of your position in pips multiplied by lots.

Profit at Close: If this is the last trade in the position, this will be the profit in lots multiplied by pips when the trade closes at the exit point of the zone.


Actual trading values will be affeced by many factors that cannot be accurately calculated here including varying spread, slippage and swap. These values are a guide only and cannot be assumed to be accurate.

Target Pips
Zone Pips
Initial Lot Size
Lot Step

TradeTrade LotsPositive LotsNegative LotsExposure LotsEquity LossProfit at Close
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