Build a Set and Forget Breakout Bot part 8

Yes, finally calling an end to this series. Going back to basics for a beginners coding guide, I’m writing a complete breakout expert based on a published strategy including tips and optimisation.

EA for Beginners, set and forget breakout, code, optimisation, testing part 8

This part is a rewrite in a much less complex form of the break even logic in part 7.

The strategy was published by TradePro and is a time range based breakout trading USDJPY with 3 stage take profit.

As a beginners guide I’m taking things slowly so I have to break the tutorial down to multiple videos. This is the first part and there is a link to the playlist below. I will add further parts to the playlist in the coming days.

The code is for Metatrader 5 but is almost the same for Metatrader 4 and I’ll try to point out the differences as I go in the videos

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