Draw and Read Fibonacci Objects with MQL code

This covers code to both create Fibonacci objects on screen including a technique for finding swing high and low and also reading back data from on chart Fibonacci objects.

I cover several techniques related to using Fibonacci but this is NOT about any strategy related to Fibonacci. It is only about creating and using information from the Fibonacci objects.

How to identify swing highs and lows to set the Fibonacci end points. There are many techniques, this is just one but it is easy to implement and I find it useful.

How to draw the Fibonacci on screen. Once drawn you can manually adjust the position or levels of the Fibonacci object for later use.

How to read the end points and levels from a Fibonacci object. Useful if you are drawing your own fibonacci on chart or perhaps have a separate indicator that creates the Fibonacci and want an expert to use the levels from that Fibonacci.

Using the swing high and low or just Fibonacci endpoints a simple function to return the value at any given percent level.

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The code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/OrchardForexTutorials/220424_draw_and_read_fibonacci_objects.git

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