Send Text and Images to Telegram from MT4 and MT5

Sending text to Telegram is not too difficult but sending an image is a very different technique. This topic covers both.

This video is in response to a request from our forums.

You may be publishing signals or just using Telegram to send alerts and other messages to yourself.

In this video I will show functions you can use to send simple text messages to Telegram and also to send text messages with screen shots.

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The code is available on GitHub:


  1. Hello Arthur,

    I tried this and it’s mostly working. I’m able to send text messages to Telegram, and I’m able to capture screenshot correctly and it’s sending the the image to Telegram via the web request. However, the images that I see on the Telegram channel is a white screen without anything on it. I’ve tried both bmp and jpg.

    Please are you able to advise?

    >> I’ve already looked up the answer on your YouTube comments. It seems for me, only PNG works on MT4. I’m leaving this here instead of deleting the comment so that it may be useful for others who land here with the same question.

    1. not only png, because I am able to send jpg, but other settings on your computer will be important. I’ve also had someone mention they had this problem but were trying to send using http instead of https.

  2. Please can you create a robot that can use moving average oscillator (MACD) to generate buy/sell signal alert.

    For the buy signal: I want to receive alert into my mobile phone in the fourth (4th) bar up of the moving average oscillator (MACD)

    For the sell signal: I want to receive alert into my mobile phone in the fourth (4th) bar down of the moving average oscillator (MACD)

    1. A MACD dashboard indicator would be good option which gives 4 signals base on macd crossover of lines and zero level .

      Work well for me .

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