Tutorial Expert Tracking

We now have tutorial test signals running, please excuse any minor issues in the early stages.

In response to requests for more information, performance testing and more we are about to begin live expert tracking for the expert advisors we show on the channel. OK, but what does that mean?

It means we set up an account and run the expert across a number of symbols, usually with the default settings, and publish the results trade by trade.

We will be publishing initially to our Discord server. Each expert has an independent channel where each trade open and close (and where appropriate modification) are posted in real time, like a signal system but these are just for testing. Like this

There is also a feedback channel for general discussion on the expert performance, maybe suggestions to others on better settings. We will be watching the feedback channel but it is for community use, don’t expect us to be active in answering questions there.

To join our discord server follow this link

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