Equity Limit Basket Trading

From requests over a long time this expert will track your account equity and close all trades and orders when a specified target profit or loss limit is reached.

The target/limit can be set in multiple ways, absolute value, increment from start, and fraction of starting equity.

Since this expert simply tracks equity it is not suitable for any kind of performance testing but in the coming days we will be starting our expert tracking channels where we post trades in real time, like a signal service but these are just for testing.

See this page for updates and the link to join our discord server.

00:00 – Start
00:11 – Intro
01:44 – Tutorial expert signals
02:19 – Code MQ4/5
15:38 – Trade closing MQ4
18:50 – Trade Closing MQ5
21:01 – Demo Setup
22:47 – Demonstration
25:24 – Conclusion

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