Range Breakout Expert for MQL4 and MQL5

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This is the fifth part in a series on writing your own experts and this time I have done away with technical indicators in favour of a simple time based range breakout strategy.

This will start with the expert created in part 3, basically as a structure, and make modifications for a range trading expert.

Playlist for this series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0iqkWGt8zzlDVF_iz_Sgl1Ru1jaLzLa7
The part 3 video, with links to download the original code:

Code available on GitHub: https://github.com/OrchardForexTutorials/220924_range_breakout_expert

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2 thoughts on “Range Breakout Expert for MQL4 and MQL5”

  1. It’s not about building an EA that reflects the strategy tester, it’s that the strategy tester is only a simulation based on history. Every Tick is the closest you will get to a real world test. Settings like every candle are missing internal price movement.

  2. Bigrich Legend

    Brilliant video in this series of videos. Would you be willing to do a tutorial of coding an EA that accurately reflects what it does in the strategy tester? I build and EA using your tutorials and it works brilliantly in the strategy tester when the modelling parameter “Every tick” is selected. It fails miserably when any other parameter is selected. It also fails miserably when put on a demo account. I’m not sure how to adjust the code reflect reality.

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