How to add stop loss and take profit to your EA. This covers simple point based as well as an example using ATR multiples.

If you have not seen the earlier parts where the framework is developed the links below will take you to those articles.

Part 1 built the EA template and the expert class which take care of managing the expert.

Part 2 added trade signals.

Part 3 completes the framework ready for use.

This video uses version 2.01 of the EA framework.

The latest version framework including base classes is available for download using the link below.


This is the Expert Advisor framework used in the MQL By Request series. The framework includes base classes and include files but does not include specific child classes created as…


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  1. Thank you for excellent description. I downloaded the zip file below this video (MQL by request #6). However, could not find “Indicator ATR” and “TPSL Simple” files in the zip file. Can you guide me please?

    1. ajm

      These files are part of the tutorial and meant to be follow along. They are not included in the framework download. There is an example file IndicatorMA that can be easily copied and modified for ATR. TPSL Simple is also easy to create following the steps in the tutorial.

      There is a description of framework inclusions in the earlier video.

  2. Peter Melissant

    Thank you for your effort to make these video’s and teach us MQL5.
    The indicators used in the Framework are based on 1 buffer. How exactly can we implement indicators with multiple buffers, for example iIchimoku?

    1. ajm

      When you assign the indicator to the signal using AddIndicator there is an argument to specify which buffer to use.

      1. Peter Melissant

        yes i watched the video’s again and also in the expertadvisor you can set the specific buffernumber you want for the indicator. thnx for the quick reply. 🙂 this is realy a great framework, i like your video’s.

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