MQL By Request #5 – Using the EA Framework V2

I’ve been using a common framework Version 1 in this by request series. The framework is evolving as the series moves along and was never intended to be a commercial product. The framework has always been intended for use to support tutorials.

That means that the framework is more of a kit or toolbox and it needs some work from the end user to get everything working.

That also means that there has been some confusion from people about what is in and out of the framework and what comes in the download.

This video reviews the framework structure, download contents and installing the version 1 framework. I have also introduced a version 2 framework that will be easier to install and use. At this stage version 2 does not introduce any new capabilities, just a different installation structure.

If you have not seen the earlier parts where the framework is developed the links below will take you to those articles.

Part 1 built the EA template and the expert class which take care of managing the expert.

Part 2 added trade signals.

Part 3 completes the framework ready for use.

The latest version framework including base classes is available for download using the link below.

This is the Expert Advisor framework used in the MQL By Request series. The framework includes base classes and include files but does not include specific child classes created as working examples. This is the latest update including version 2.02 of the framework



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