Introduction – Write your own expert for MT4 – MA Cross

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This is an introductory tutorial on writing an expert for MT4. The expert uses a simple moving average cross as a template example.

This video is for 2 reasons. First it is as I said an introductory video for those just starting out to program for MT4.

Secondly, I plan to use this as a template for future expert videos. That will allow me to keep the future videos shorter by not including basic information each time.

There can be many variations to experts and I will release further introductory expert videos in the future.

The moving average cross used here as an example simply buys each time a fast MA crosses above the slow MA and sells each time the fast MA crosses below the slow MA. Take profit and stop loss are at a fixed size.

This video is for MT4. I am keeping the MT4 and MT5 versions separated to avoid confusion in the video. There is a separate video for MT5 with a link below.

You can download this template expert here

MT5 version
New Bar function: How to run MQL4 or MQL5 code only one time for each bar

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