Synchronise multiple MT5/4 charts with the same symbol

If you’re trend trading you should be comparing trends on the higher timeframes. Reviewing multiple timeframes and multiple currencies in Metatrader can be difficult.

This video shows you an indicator that I use to synchronise multiple charts to the same currency and an alternate method in case the indicator isn’t quite right for you.

The indicator can be downloaded by clicking the button below



    1. I’ve just run tests and it is working on both 4 and 5. The sync only works if you change symbol on the chart where the sync indicator is loaded. If you change the symbol on another chart then that change is not synced. This is deliberate in the design to allow individual charts to be separated.

  1. ChartSync for MT4 works like a charm. I had just set up a profile with 4 templates, now how do I sync them… Searched in YouTube and there you are. Easy as pie… Subbed


    1. I don’t know what you are comparing in MT and Tradingview.
      If you draw an object, like a line, in metatrader it is a line defined by the prices where the line is drawn. If you then change symbol on the chart the chart will now show a different price range, depending on the new symbol. The line you drew is still there but it is at the original prices which may not show on the chart now with a different price range.

    1. No. Drawings are a special category. They don’t follow a formlula so something like a trend line on a GBP chart would have no relevance on a EUR chart and without a formula it can’t readily be repositioned. If the drawings are placed there by an indicator the indicator should be redrawing.

  2. Awesome Synchronizing Indicator.
    You are by far the best free instructor, for which I am very grateful!!!

    Do you have anything on the Volume buffer and tick buffer ?

    Would like to learn how to use the volume buffer in an EA.

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