Starting 2022 with a new framework – Framework 3

This is the first framework update for over a year.

Framework 2 was intended as a learning exercise and so it grew organically as new experts came along and needed new features. That wasn’t a problem but as I moved from one version to the next I also tried to maintain backward compatibility and that’s where the problem set in. The framework became more and more complex.

Framework 2 is still useful and I know it is currently in use by a lot of people but in 2022 I am starting on Framework 3.

Framework 3 is also going to grow organically but I won’t be making any attempt to maintain compatibility.

The GitHub repository will stay up to date and as I make any breaking changes to the framework there will be a new version and the repository will contain all versions of Framework 3.


You can download Framework 3 from GitHub at

Framework 2 is also available at

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