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Price Bounce Entry of MA cross

Hello Andrew, great job you're doing. Is it possible to write a code on a moving average cross over that detects when price is rejected by either of the MAs after price touch. for example after price breaks out above both MAs, if price starts a pull back and touches any of the MAs, and a pinbar is created afterwards showing price rejection of the level, then this signals an entry to the EA. so EA places a trade following the trend. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to achieve our dreams through your platform.
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  1. i noticed one thing with the fractal strategy, on the Tradepro channel they stated that the trade is only to be taken when the williams fractal prints an arrow in the direction of the trend. Is that logic applied on your code as well?

  2. Thanks for the response, yes i just checked it out now, what an awesome strategy and easy to code as always! If i had a pinbar code i would experiment with it and change the fractals. Thanks again.

  3. This is very similar to the 1 min scalper I just published. The differences are 2 MA instead of 3 and looking for a pinbar instead of a fractal.
    Have you seen https://youtu.be/d9-_bb58PgE

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