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2 votes

Multi Symbols, TimeFrames and Framework (HA, RSI and Aroon)

Hi, I am very interested in the option to scan/loop through all available symbols in the Market Watch, using latest Framework (i.e. 3.06) for example: "Heiken Ashi Stochastic Expert". The idea, is to combine 1 – 3 custom indicators and store the array values in a multidimensional array such as haopen[t][i] where t=Current Time Frame…

1 vote

Synchronize all open charts when moving horizontally in time.

Hello, Thank you for the tools you offer on this website. I don’t know if I’m in the right place, but I’ll try. I have been looking for a tool like this, to be able to study the oscillating movements between different timeframes. For MT4 it exists, but for MT5 it has been impossible. I…

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5 votes

Smart way to code divergence from price and CCI

Hi, i’m interested in finding a smart way to code divergence of peaks from price to indicator, for example cci. Price peak upper then previous and same cci peak lower then previous. Congratulation for your work.

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3 votes

Direct Hedge

I would like to see a tutorial about hedge one position to recover loss

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2 votes

Can you develop an Auto Trendline indicator

How to develop an Auto Trendline indicator that draws the upper and lower trendlines automatically using the last two significant swing highs/lows. Trendline anchor points are found by plotting the ZigZag over X number of bars.(once the zigzag swing is formed it is confirmed with a fractal pattern )( since fractal patterns forms swing Highs…

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1 vote

A custom 2 moving averages cross

Hello, Thank you for the work you’re doing. I will get straight to the point now. I will like to request an EA of 2 moving averages, a slowEMA(50) and fastEMA(20). Whenever the fastEMA crosses above the slowEMA, it indicates a trend change however we are not buying till a confirmation is certain. Condition to…

Under Review 3 comments
0 votes

Basic tutorial on Array

Array: data structure in MT4 Could you please provide a basic tutorial on Array? I have too many questions about array: Array declaration, eg. int OrderTickets [6] or int OrderTickets [], legal? Array initiation, Do I have to initiate my array? or I can use array without initiation, so long as I declare array? Array…


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