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infinity grid Bot Hedging

hello Dear, i have a strategy in mymind with the following rules ; 1st main rule : it's a grid bot but it has lower limit only and no upper limit for example if price goes up 10$ the bot sells 10$ and keeps initial investement and keep doing it forever as the price rising without reaching any limits 2nd main rule is hedging : so we get an "only long" bot and "only short" bot at the same time and they are protecting each other from liquidation the bot keeps running for ever witha very low chance of loss i hope it can be executed as an EA or a python script thank you for your time waiting for your feedback
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  1. sorry for not giving enough details
    the hedging strategy isn’t published anywhere as i couldn’t find any usefull source of information about it
    but the normal infinity grid already exists and used by “Pionex” and “kucoin” exchanges
    these exchanges have the bot available only for spot market you can’t go short so you can’t hedge your position
    my idea in short is using this same strategy simultaneously with an “only short infinity grid bot” that’s not available anywhere by now

    this is an Example from “pionex” explaining their infinity grid bot :

    Example for using an Infinity Grid
    Let’s say you have 500 USDT and you want to create an Infinity Grid Bot for BTC/USDT, while the current price is of Bitcoin is 10.000 USDT.
    For above example let’s use the following Parameters:
    Lowest price: 9.000 USDT
    Profit per grid: 1%
    Total investment: 500 USDT
    Once started, the bot will buy some BTC let’s say for ~450 USDT. It will keep ~50 USDT in case the price falls, because the Lowest price is below the current price.
    The Bot will then make sure your BTC holdings will always be worth 450 USDT.
    In our example that means:
    Once the price rises 1% and reaches 10.100 USDT. The BTC value would increase to 454.5 USDT
    It will sell some BTC, so the remaining BTC will still be worth 450 USDT. Sell 4.5 USDT of BTC in this case.
    So your BTC in USDT value remains 450 USDT.
    The USDT amount in the bot would be 50 + 4.5 = 54.5 USDT
    When the price rises another percent it will sell a bit again, to keep your BTC value at 450 USDT. So you will still have BTC worth 450 USDT and 60,05 USDT on top of that!

    Once the price starts to fall again, the opposite will happen.
    In short: Whatever the price does, the Infinity Grid Bot will make sure your BTC value in USDT always stays the same and with every change, you make a small profit.
    The Bot will keep doing that “infinitely”, as long as the price stays above your “Lowest price”.

    i wish i could make the idea clear i know it’s not risk free (nothing’s riskless in the market) but i’m sure the risk is very low
    if only we can have “only short infinity grid bot” and use it simultaneously with the “spot infinity grid bot”
    thanks for your time again waiting for your feedback ^_^

  2. You don’t give any information on when to exit.
    The long and short will not hedge each other, this will suffer the same drawdown as any standard grid trading, unless there is something missing from your description.
    Is this a published strategy anywhere?

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