More Fractals – RSI and MACD

A sequel to the earlier article showing a Fractal – EMA based expert. This shows how to convert that code to vary the expert

This is a sequel to a very recent article showing an expert based on fractals and exponential moving average.

While the strategy here is similar the purpose is to show how to modify existing code to achieve a different result.

In this article I show how to replace the moving average trend filter from the earlier article with an RSI based trend filter, then I also show how to change the entry from buy stop / sell stop to opening a trade on close of a bar past the fractal.

Then I do it all again with MACD as a trend filter.

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The code is available on GitHub:

The framework is also available on Github:

2 thoughts on “More Fractals – RSI and MACD”

  1. You are probably using MT4. Any use of iCustom will be much slower than the internal indicators. My suggestions for improving the performance would be to only call iCustom when necessary so to reduce the number of calls, perhaps find alternative versions of the custom indicators that may be more efficient, load the custom indicators as resources to avoid going back to the disk repeatedly.

    MT5 also handles indicators differently and may be faster.

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