How to make a 2 colour indicator for MT5

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Part 2 in a series on writing indicators beginning with the basics. This part covers creating an indicator that alternates colours with the trend.

The code developed in this video is modified from the code in part 1. If you haven’t seen part 1 there is a link below.

The actual indicator used here is simple and probably not fit for use as an indicator but I wanted something simple so that I could focus on the code for displaying 2 colours and not worry about complexities of the indicator. The formula for the indicator is nothing more than the midpoint of 2 moving averages.

This video is for MT5. The aim is to not cause too much confustion and covering both MT5 and MT4 in the same video would do the opposite. There is a separate video for MT4 with a link below.


MT4 Version: How to make a 2 colour indicator for MT4
Part 1: Introduction to writing indicators MT4/MT5

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