Add Buy and Sell Arrows to your MT4 or MT5 custom indicator

If you have a custom indicator and a strategy for buy and sell this video will show you how to add buy and sell arrows to your custom indicator for both MT4 and MT5.

The video uses a tripple moving average ribbon from earlier tutorials as the basis and adds buy and sell arrows to the indicator. To see the earlier videos for a full explanation of the MT4 and MT5 ribbon indicator follow the links below.

MT4 Step by Step Custom Indicator
MT5 Step by Step Custom Indicator

The video also shows a technique to overcome a problem where arrows on the MT4 chart will overlap the top and bottom of the candles.



  1. The video already shows how to get data from the higher timeframe. That should be all you need to feed into your ea.

  2. The techniques would be the same. It is more common to trade on the lower timeframe with confirmation from the higher but either way works.

  3. and a follow up to that earlier question is, How do you extract or use data from that indicator to trigger a trade with your expert advisor?

  4. I am now studying your video “How to code indicators to use values from higher timeframes and address 2 common mistakes.”
    my question is, Would this work if you need info/data from a lower timeframe as well?

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