Add Buy and Sell Arrows to your MT4 or MT5 custom indicator

If you have a custom indicator and a strategy for buy and sell this video will show you how to add buy and sell arrows to your custom indicator for both MT4 and MT5.

The video uses a tripple moving average ribbon from earlier tutorials as the basis and adds buy and sell arrows to the indicator. To see the earlier videos for a full explanation of the MT4 and MT5 ribbon indicator follow the links below.

MT4 Step by Step Custom Indicator
MT5 Step by Step Custom Indicator

The video also shows a technique to overcome a problem where arrows on the MT4 chart will overlap the top and bottom of the candles.



  1. I am now studying your video “How to code indicators to use values from higher timeframes and address 2 common mistakes.”
    my question is, Would this work if you need info/data from a lower timeframe as well?

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