Can you develop an Auto Trendline indicator

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Can you develop an Auto Trendline indicator

How to develop an Auto Trendline indicator that draws the upper and lower trendlines automatically using the last two significant swing highs/lows. Trendline anchor points are found by plotting the ZigZag over X number of bars.(once the zigzag swing is formed it is confirmed with a fractal pattern )( since fractal patterns forms swing Highs and Swing Lows to form market structure). Features Requires. It instantly draws the notable trendlines without any uncertainty. Each trendline must be extended with its corresponding rays, which helps determine the area of breakout/reversal. Must draw two separate upper and lower trendlines simultaneously base on two zigzag settings. Should be able to work on all timeframes, symbols, and all types of charts. Should also provides alerts when price crosses alert on the close price or touches a trendline. Input Parameters —– Zigzag for Trendline 1 —– Show First Trendline: true/false Depth, Deviation, Back Step. —– Zigzag for Trendline 2 —– Show Second Trendline: true/false Depth, Deviation, Back Step. —– Alert Settings —– auto trendline indicator inputs How Auto Trendline Indicator Works It uses ZigZag to fetch the upper and lower pivot points on the chart. It interpolates the anchor points and draws the trendlines with their respective future projected rays using the fetched data. Trendline Sensitivity The trendline sensitivity depends on the chosen Depth, Deviation, and Back Step of the ZigZag. This concept of trendline is solid at it plot on the true swings rather than on Highs and Lows. As u can have trough and peaks but they are not swings . Thanks.
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