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A custom 2 moving averages cross

Hello, Thank you for the work you’re doing. I will get straight to the point now. I will like to request an EA of 2 moving averages, a slowEMA(50) and fastEMA(20). Whenever the fastEMA crosses above the slowEMA, it indicates a trend change however we are not buying till a confirmation is certain. Condition to buy requires that at the cross of the fastEMA, the closing price will be compared with the second candle that closes right after it. Which means if second candle closes above the first candle crossing then we have a bullish continuation and the current candle(third==current) while checking the previous candle condition would be our entry point. Please sir, I will like you to use OOP concept. Thanks.
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  1. Hi, if you cannot take your time to actually write an expert that does as requested, can you kindly send a snippet code showing how to go about it?

    In my case when the fastMA crosses the slowMA, the candle that closed after the successful crossing is the first candle I want to compare with the second candle that closed after the first candle then if most recent candle (second (array set as series =false) closes below or above depending if it’s a bullish or bearish direction then the third candle should open. Please! This is very important aspect I need to seriously address on my bot. It’s very minore variation to you but I just started learning mql5 programming and I am using my STRATEGY to develop a bot and if I can successfully achieve that then I already have the basics and I can properly fit in.

  2. I’ll consider this but it sounds like a minor variation on other MA cross experts I’ve written so it does not seem to add much value as a programming exercise.

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