Tomi Trader Pro


Tomi Trader takes trade entries only in the direction of a trend and exits trades as the trend reverses. It adjusts position sizes to maximise returns from the currently open basket of trades.

It is not unusual for Tomi Trader to have a number of open trades at one time and for many of these to be in loss but the algorithms in Tomi Trader will work to recover the losses and to close out losing trades at appropriate times working toward medium and long term profitable returns.

Tomi Trader is NOT suitable for FIFO or No Hedging platforms

Tomi Trader Pro is currently only available as a sponsored product and cannot be purchased directly.


  1. Medium to long term sustainable profits
  2. Automatic closing of losing trades balanced with profitable trades
  3. Allow profitable trades to run
  4. Enter only with the trend direction.


Points refer to the 4th decimal place on currency pairs except for JPY pairs for which a point is the 2nd decimal place.

For example:

AUDUSD 0.7400 moving to 0.7420 is 20 points

EURJPY 132.50 moving to 132.70 is 20 points

Inputs marked as Buy/Sell are described once but appear in the input screen separately for the buy and sell legs. All descriptions refer only to the appropriate leg, e.g. the information states a minimum separation between trades, buy leg trades can be placed close to sell leg trades but not close to other buy leg trades.

Buy/Sell Settings

Minimum gap between trades

To prevent large numbers of trades being placed at the same level TT will not place trades closer than this distance in points from the nearest trade.

Gap between new orders and price

To minimise trades being placed due to minor fluctuations in price TT lags the trade entry price behind the current market price. Similar to a trailing stop but applied to new trade entry points. TT will not place an entry closer than this number of points to the current price. If the price then moves back toward the already placed stop order the order will not move further.

Trailing stop points

Trades are normally exited using a trailing stop. This specifies the distance in points that the stop loss must trail behind the current market price.

Minimum profit points

Used to set a minimum profit in points for each trade. This is a target and due to variation in market conditions and broker charges may not always be achieved. When placing a trailing stop (above) the stop will not be placed unless the trade exit point is this number of points in profit from the trade entry. When calculating nett close this will be applied as an average minimum profit against the closed and losing trades selected for nett close.

Averaging factor

When there are open trades in loss TT can attempt to increase the size of new trades on the basis of averaging in to take advantage of the price reversion. Unlike a traditional martingale increase which tends to increase position sizes exponentially and is more likely to lead to account losses this factor is applied in a linear fashion and should normally be set quite low. To avoid any increase in position sizing set this to zero.

Order Size

Set this to the initial order size for the leg. When averaging is applied it will be applied to this order size. If this setting is changed while there are open orders averaging for any future trades placed will be applied against this size but there will be no change to existing trades.

Trading Mode

  • Full, New trades will be placed and managed according to the settings above.
  • No trading, no trades will be placed, no trades will be closed unless they reach existing trailing stop points, trailing stops will not be set or adjusted.

General Settings

Magic Number

To avoid conflict each EA uses a magic number to identify trades it has placed or is managing. Set this number to avoid a clash with any other EA you may be running on the same account and for the same currency pair.

Trade Comment

This will be used as the comment against each trade placed by the EA


Tomi Trader does not use entry or exit signals. Instead it is an always in the market EA and uses trade management techniques to bring trading positions to a profitable close.

This is achieved through a combination of averaging, trailing stop loss and trailing entry combined with a series of rules to avoid overtrading.

Tomi Trader can create large unrealised drawdowns but will continue to operate to bring those positions back into profit. However, as these drawdowns can become quite large there is always a possibility that the drawdown position will become too large for your trading account.

You should only trade Tomi Trader with funds you can afford to lose and expecting some deep drawdowns.